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The Observer Effect, 21 inches

The Observer Effect, 21 inches

Oil on silver maple, sealed and with wire backing ready to hang, 21 inches wide

The Story:

Theories in quantum physics suggest the observer influences the state of the observed such that the observed crystallizes and its temporal manifestation takes on the essence of the observer’s perception.

Simple analogy: if a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, perhaps there’s no noise… so in the same way:

If we don’t observe, experience, see something, it’s potential still exists and it may exist in other realms, but does it “exist” in our 3D world?

Without going down a total rabbit hole of debate and philosophy, here’s why this concept inspired my painting:

Based on the observer effect concept of quantum physics, one could suggest that by observing the beauty and wonder of the natural world, beauty, centropy, and regeneration are reinforced.

In simple terms, the more we observe and see destruction, the more it occurs.

But the more we observe and see healing, beauty, and potential, the more regeneration occurs.

we are part of a collective, cosmic organism, influencing the outcome with our thoughts and perceptions.

Let’s celebrate the beauty and regenerative capacity of nature.

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