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My Story

Hello! I’m Chelsea, and I'm so glad you're here. As a lover of plants, animals, food, and creativity, art is so much more to me than something we hang on our walls. To create and express is to allow life force to move through us. The whimsical animal paintings on live-edge wood I create are intended to light up our souls and bring nature’s medicine into your home. My personal training in BioGeometry (a science of environmental harmonizing and qualitative physics) inspires the moon designs in many of my paintings.  

Art is more than mere aesthetic texture, color or composition play. 

To me, painting is materializing inspiration; Source light moving through the brush, onto wood... to resonate & radiate life.


Roots & Wood

The wide open Colorado skies and red rocks of the southwest rooted my heart in a love for nature, growing up. While living in wild Washington State for four years, I became enchanted with the flora, fauna, animals, and crashing waves... including the sea life and beautiful burled maple trees. It was there that I began painting on scrap live edge wood; looking and listening to the shapes and stories of the grains, imagining what ethereal spirits wanted to come forth. I've continued painting on wood, here in CO, and currently source my wood from multiple places, including local scrap, Etsy sellers, and local Baldwin woodworks.


As a Fort Collins native, I’m proud to call this beautiful land home, where I enjoy gardening barefoot, cozy evenings by the fire with my love, and playing with my precious dog, Bubba Blue. Traveling across the states, volunteering in the Amazon rainforest, growing up on a farm, and still a farm kid at heart, my biggest inspiration is nature and the miraculous life force that illuminates us all.  

Art for the Earth

In an effort to contribute to a thriving planet and people, I run select direct art sales of originals in which a percentage is donated to Farmer's Footprint, an organization working to cultivate regenerative farming practices, worldwide, for healthier bellies, communities, and a healthier planet.

I've also donated percentages of my art sales to:

Heifer International

Orient Land Trust


Work with Me

I also have a passion for helping others unlock their creativity and heal through expression. To learn more about my creative coaching or to book a custom painting, send me a message HERE!

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