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“It’s Possible” 17x15 inches

“It’s Possible” 17x15 inches

Oil on wood, sealed for protection and ready to hang.

The Story:

I recently learned, listening to a fascinating conversation among experts (ask me for the link), that:

Keystone species play critical roles in balancing ecological health and cycles.

Elephants are a keystone species, which play a crucial role in the Sahara’s cycles.

Every few thousand years, apparently, (like 7k), the Sahara goes through re-greening cycles, (think ancient civilizations living along lush river beds…

Some propose that we’re coming up on a re-greening cycle that could happen faster than 1000s or 100s of years, and instead, if we allow nature to run her course, miraculous ecological shifts could happen in decades.

It’s possible

If we allow keystone species like the elephants to roam without so many blockages

If we shift agriculture practices to regenerative so that coral reefs can rejuvenate and ocean species can repopulate in cleaner conditions.

Change is possible more rapidly than we imagine

IF we dare to imagine

IF we stop fighting natural laws and step into resonance and wonder with her, Nature’s processes.

IF we maintain a humble curiosity and appreciation for her beauty.

If we release control and allow her to lead.

It’s possible.

This piece is a prayer from my heart, for humanity, for the elephants, for the rivers, grasslands, oceans and forests of the world, for the air we breathe.

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