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"I Am" 14 inches tall

"I Am" 14 inches tall

14 inches tall, oil on walnut, sealed for protection and complete with wire backing, ready to hang.


The Story:


We often strive for fulfillment, success, or happiness based on things we want to do and accomplish. But to clarify who we want to BE, and who we are, is a much more powerful way to set our trajectory. Who we decide we are informs our beliefs, actions, and experiences in life.


“I Am” is a statement used to describe the omnipotent, omnipresent energy of Source, the Divine.


“I Am____” is also a statement we can use to claim who we are, who we decide to be, and who we are becoming.


“I Am” is also the motto of the astrological sign of Aries. As an Aries, I personally feel appreciative of this statement, reminding me of the power to embody who I am as a path to informing what I do and experience with ease, rather than setting goals based only on what I ‘should’ do.


This painting was inspired by the beautiful Source-like, Angelic-manifesting beauty of the auroras many of us recently had the opportunity to see in mid to southern US states; the Sun’s powerful electromagnetic frequency showering us with light waves, reminding us of the potential to harness light energy and embody, be, what we intend and desire.


Who are you, at your true core, and who do you aspire to BE?

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