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Custom Small Pet Portrait, 8x10" (watercolor, framed, pay in full)

Custom Small Pet Portrait, 8x10" (watercolor, framed, pay in full)

Receive a custom watercolor painting on archival paper, framed and ready to hang or set on your desktop so you can remember your best friend while they're by your side and beyond! (Example pictured). All custom paintings include a layout sketch for approval before the final painting. Image area: 6x8, frame size 8x10.


  • Framed
  • Prices exclude shipping/handling, billed separately at the time of shipment.


  • Payment plans are offered and the painting is delivered/available for pick-up once the total balance has been paid. 
  • If you prefer to do a payment plan, please choose the deposit option and payments will be due monthly, beginning 30 days from the deposit date, until the balance is paid in full.
  • The painting is delivered/available for pick-up once the total balance has been paid.
  • Your deposit or payment in full purchased here places your project on my calendar. 
  • Be sure to check your email for important "next steps" details after you check out, so that we can complete your beautiful painting! 💛
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