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Pamper Retreat

Pamper your senses & soul in aroma, flavor, dreamy music, & beauty while receiving clarifying intuitive insight & heartfelt connection.


Our Senses are a Portal to Presence

Our senses welcome us into our bodies so we can cultivate intimacy with ourselves, feel more at peace, calm, and ultimately, experience the simple pleasures of being alive.

Join Cara, me, and 5-6 other beautiful souls, as we pamper you with a nourishing experience in our small, charming abode. 


This day of transformative connection is all about pleasure and play.

This is your time to truly sink in and receive on a sensory and soul level;

especially if you've been 'doing & doing' or 'going & going' for others. There's nothing to "do," master, or accomplish while you're our guest except allowing yourself to feel and enjoy.



An Experience to Delight You...

Our day (1-8pm MT) will include dreamy music, flower mandala & paint play (that you get to both receive and create), delicious, multi-course organic fair (prepared according to your dietary considerations), mocktails, personalized intuitive readings, and a handmade gift just for you.


It's your time to create space for yourself to simply receive as you nourish your mind, heart, body and senses.


Pamper Retreat is designed to gently welcome you back into your body and heart.

Our intention is for this retreat to:


🌟 Leave you feeling more free and safe to explore your self-expression.

🌟 Provide you with space to let go, relax, and receive.

🌟 Leave you with simple tools for returning to your sensory, somoatic experience amidst life's stress, so you can feel calm and grounded.

🌟 Offer deep, soulful connections with other beautiful women.

🌟 Provide you with clarity and insight about your life, today.

🌟 Refresh your spirit with enjoyment & pleasure.



Your day will be filled with...

Our retreat day will be filled with:

  • 7 hours of transformative, creative play.

  • Personal intuitive readings by Cara, to calm your mind and offer insight about big changes, longings or directions in your life, today.

  • Wearable art & body paint play! Receive a beautiful painting by Chelsea, expressing your individuality, on your face, arm, or anywhere that feels comfortable.

  • Creative play movement, breath & sound expression led by Cara.

  • Channeled meditation to blissful music, led by Cara.

  • Flower mandala play ~ a chance to let your mind go as we play together with the delicate beauty of flowers.

  • Delicious, artful delights: appetizers and mocktails, and a beautifully prepared meal served in mini courses.

  • A hand-made gift for you, created by Chelsea, so you can take part of your experience home!

All food provided will be organic, DF, GF, and low sugar.


Your investment: $250.

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