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You Can Become an Art Patron, Too

The biggest discounts I offer 
Automatic entry to win free art
The inside scoop
Super easy on your wallet


Why Become an Art Patron?

Hello, kindred nature, animal & art lover.


Do you want your home to feel like home and express what's important to you?

Like your beloved furry friends, wildlife, your animal totems, and the healing vibrations of sacred geometry, wood, plants and local art?

You're in the right place.

The watercolor paintings and oils on live edge wood I create are filled with whimsical, earthy, animal totem, & sacred geometry designs to fill your home with nature's medicine and make your space feel like, well... home!

When you subscribe as a patron for just $9 / month, you'll receive:

  • Automatic entry into ALL my seasonal free art giveaways!!

  • 20% savings on all original art purchased directly through me. That includes commissions!

  • Exclusive, patron-only content & clips of my creation process

  • Exclusive, patron-only art, food & nature inspiration to light up your day

  • The warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting the spread of art, high vibes, and growth of a women-owned creative business.

  • ALL these benefits apply during your active subscription... with no purchase requirement!

Here's how it breaks down:

If you think you may desire a premier custom art, and perhaps a smaller piece during the year (think holiday gifts for fam and friends), your membership more than pays for itself in savings AND you'll be automatically entered to win free art.


You'll also receive juicy, patron-only, behind-the-scenes inspiration and studio-tour peeks (parts I don't post on social media or send to my big email list)! (Because it's so fun to see more of the process!!)

Not interested in purchasing custom or other art?

You can still become a patron for only $9/month and STILL be entered to win free art, and receive 20% savings whenever you're ready to purchase art.

You'll remain a patron with these benefits as long as you subscribe, with absolutely no obligation to buy art at any time. You can simply enjoy the feeling of being an art supporter, affordably.


AND, if you visit me at art shows, be sure to remind me that you're a patron, I'll lookup your membership, and you'll get a discount should you choose to buy anything. 

Creating and sharing art literally lights up my soul, and it's my mission to use it to light up and inspire my community, too.

See ya in the patron club!

(You can always cancel anytime). 


What if I don't subscribe but I'm a patron because I've already purchased art?

If you're a non-subscribing patron, you'll be periodically entered into my seasonal giveaways. The year-round, always 20% discount only applies to subscribing patrons. 

How does the patron discount work if I sign up and cancel the next month?

You can cancel anytime. Cancellations are final, however.  (In other words, you cannot subscribe for a month just to purchase a commission with a discount, cancel, and then re-subscribe for a single month in the future only for a discount on custom art). You will receive the patron discount on custom art if you're subscribed at the time of purchasing custom art. The discount will apply to any CURRENT payments made during your active subscription, but not to future payments or payment plan installments made after you cancel, for art you began purchasing during your active subscription. Your subscription must be active to receive discounts on current invoices. If you subscribe for one month and purchase custom art in full, the patron discount applies, even if you cancel you subscription right after your purchase. However, cancellations are final. 

Here are some examples of the types of art you receive at a discounted patron price, and be entered to win free!

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