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Liberate Me
Your Journey to Creative Freedom

This 1:1 month-long experience is designed to guide you in discovering your own creative power so you can feel confident

in your individual expression.

Maybe you've never touched a paintbrush.

Maybe you don't even know if you want to paint, dance,

or do something completely different.

But you feel a tug, a nudge, calling you to let go, be free.

What would it feel like?

What would come out?

YOU have a beautiful, wild expression to unleash, whether it's painting, dancing, cooking, or skipping! (The tool we use to get there just happens to be paint). And the best part is, it won't look like anyone else's but your own.

Liberating your creative power is one of the most powerful ways

to begin liberating your life.

Even if it feels scary.

Even if you don't know where to start.

So you are free to be yourself.

Wear what you want.

Create what you want.

Show up the way you want.

And love every moment of it..

What's included and how it works:

  • Approach: We'll integrate meditation, somatic experience, free-flow painting, breathing, visualization, and connection with nature as tools to unlock creative energy.

  • Schedule: We'll schedule our sessions around your schedule.

  • Meetings: You'll receive four 90-minute sessions, over the course of one to two months, as your schedule permits in addition to unlimited messenger support and communication during the weeks of our sessions.

  • Supplies: All you need are some basic paints and paper (I'll send you a list of recommendations).

  • Investment:

    • Private guidance value: $397.

    • Your investment: $297.

  • Book a call below to get started.

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