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Head to Heart 
through Art

Guided painting sessions and community

to ignite your life with

Freedom to step out of the box and Express your natural self.


Do you daydream about your

alter-ego, hiding in the closet?

What about throwing on that dashing coat or creating that wildly colorful painting?

Does standing out from the crowd seem terrifying and enticing at the same time?

Does the daily grind seem too constricting and mundane?

But does stepping out seem impossible?

What if all those parts of you that want to be expressed are actually there to help you feel more alive?

What if that colorful painting, that dashing coat, new do, or wide smile IS YOU...

...being your natural self?


And what if making time for play allows you to access that natural self?


What if unlocking your creative potential is a key to living a fulfilling life now?

What if you felt so free, so unlimited to express yourself,

that you didn't care what others thought?

What if it felt completely natural, to be completely YOU?

Our purpose is to help you reconnect with your natural, creative heart-core, and

to empower you with the freedom to live outside the box instead of feeling trapped by the daily grind.

So you can start loving your life.

Head to Heart through Art Empowers you to

  • Live with play. Our online membership experience allows you to express your natural (nature-connected) self, indulge in pleasurable fun, and be fueled by sensory experience.

  • Feel connected. Through intimate, guided free-flow art sessions, you'll be able to connect to yourself deeply and raise your vibe.

  • Plug into nature. Our approach is nature-focused, allowing you to plug back into our vital Earth energy source and reclaim your individual version of wellness.

​Sometimes the best way to infuse our life with meaning is to surrender the fight between our head and heart and connect these two beautiful parts of ourselves.


You, Beautiful,
are a Marvelous work of art.

And you were born to feel free.

It's time to meet your whole, natural self.

Through our online membership,
you'll learn the skills to:

  • Strengthen the alliance between your head & heart so you can feel more confident in your self-expression.

  • Create space to play instead of feeling trapped by the daily grind.

  • Feel confident to be yourself instead of fearing what others think.

  • Shift overwhelming mental chatter to empowering peace and connection.

  • Experience more peace by aligning yourself with Mother nature's rhythms.

  • Have FUN! 

And no, you don't have to be "good at painting," because here, it's not about how it looks.

It's all about how good the art-making process feels!


"This is exactly what I need! This whole course has been so inspiring to help me take care of myself, and get out of my head."

~Kristen Stine,

DoTERRA Advocate

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 2.34.03 PM.png

"I experienced an opening to myself unlike any other I've had in many years of personal growth."

~Jane Schreiner,

Life Coach


"Your class totally blew my expectations out of the water! I love your teaching style and the heart of this creative work. Being able to get in touch with my emotions and then express them is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!"

~Tami Wolff, 



"Chelsea's classes provide a sacred space to take a break in my day. I love her insights and instruction. She provides an inspiring container to come back to myself and let my creativity and emotions flow..."

~Robin Waters,

Voice Artist


Your Head to Heart through Art Membership includes all this Magic:

Bi-monthly, LIVE guided painting sessions (Zoom) designed to deepen your heart connection and ignite your creative juices.
(Zoom classes recorded for those with schedule conflicts).


Access to our inclusive, online community

Image by Simon Maage

Guest speakers to integrate your creative practice with your health (coming to classes in February).

Image by Bekir Dönmez

Painting technique tips and videos posted in our online community group.


Discounted passes to Rise 'n' Shine Arts' in-person retreats and events.


FAQ & What to Expect

What materials do I need for class?

The good thing is, you don't need to spend a ton of money on art supplies or have anything "special." Simple watercolor or acrylic paints (an inexpensive brand from your local craft store will work great). Have a minimum of at least 5 colors to work with (White, blue, yellow, red, and green are recommended as a minimum). Colored pencils and crayons can work too, but paints will provide you with more flexibility to explore our experience. If colored pencils, pens, or markers are all you have access to, however, we invite you to still join! Some recommended paint brands are: Windsor Newton and Liquitex. 

What if I don't have prior experience with art?

That's PERFECTLY OK!! This experience is designed specifically for YOU! It's not about "how good" of a painting you can create. In fact, our whole experience will be about finding the way of expressing yourself that feels MOST enjoyable! (And you'll learn some techniques to help you out along the way). 

When do we meet?

If you register before November 8th, you'll be joining our November-December group (Your membership will last for 2 months and then you'll have the chance to renew). For these two months, we will meet at 12:00 PM Mountain Time the following dates: Thursday, November 11th; Saturday, November 27th; Saturday, Dember 11th; and Thursday, December 23rd. Sessions run for approx. one hour.

Do I have to have my camera on?

Since we will be a small group, and a core part of our experience is engagement and connection, it will be best to at least begin with your camera on. However, there will be times when we are in a brief meditation or painting flow when you'll have the option to turn off your camera to help focus your attention on your own, inward experience. 

What will we do during the live sessions?

Each session will be a guided, free-flow painting experience. Each will focus on a slightly different approach, technique, or aspect of the sensory experience such as line, color, texture (techniques), or emotions, sounds, visuals, scents, etc. (sensory experiences). The focus will guide our expression.  I, Chelsea, will lead you through a short intro visualization to help you connect with your body, heart, and expression. Next, we'll paint to music and I'll continue to walk you through our process of free-flow painting expression with prompts. Afterward, you'll have the chance to briefly share and connect with others. 

Will others see what I paint?

Not unless you want them to! We welcome sharing (because contrary to what we learned in school, there IS NO 'wrong' way to paint!), and sharing our expression can be a wonderful way to build connection and confidence. But, it's perfectly fine if you're not comfortable sharing. Ultimately, what you create is FOR YOU. 

Will I learn "how" to paint?

You'll have access to painting techniques and skills videos that will be posted in our online group, and we invite you to post questions or challenges you have. During our live sessions, we'll take a few minutes to talk about techniques and questions about techniques, but the majority of our live sessions will be devoted to allowing you to sink into the PROCESS of painting as a healing form of self-expression. The goal of our sessions is truly about cultivating a creative PROCESS of expression for ourselves that is healing; rather than a perfect product. This is why we will place so much attention on the emotional, expressive, and process-oriented aspects of painting as a foundation rather than technical skill. 

What if I still have more questions?

All questions are welcome! Reach out to me via the "Let's Chat" icon on the lower right and I'd love to hear what you're curious about.

Meet Your Host


Hello, Beautiful Soul!

Thank YOU for stopping by! 

I'm Chelsea, your host. As founder of Head to Heart through Art, it's my mission to help you experience creative freedom and play--so you can infuse your life with meaning, pleasure, and have the space to do the things you're most passionate about.

A little background: I earned my BFA in fine arts from Western State University and have worked since as a freelance muralist, illustrator, copywriter, and co-manager of family-owned local farms. Art continues to be a vital healing tool and form of play for me. My own physical and spiritual healing journey has and continues teach me how crucial our creative power is to living an abundant, health-filled life we fully enjoy.

It's my belief that we experience the most profound healing individually and collectively when we reconnect with nature as our source, and our innate creativity as our fuel. Here's to remembering our roots in Mother Earth and the creative lifeblood we are born with! 

I can't wait to connect & create with you!


If you join... 

  • You may discover making art feels so good that you don’t care if it “looks good”… and that everyone else in your pod feels the same. (Pssst: We hope so.)

  • You might start to feel proud of taking time from your workweek to have fun… because it helps the rest of your week feel so on-point.

  • You might start to feel inspired to take risks big or small—like cooking a new recipe or leaving a mind-numbing job for something you love.

And, well, this isn’t really a risk, but if commitment just isn’t your thing, you can always cancel, anytime. ;-) 

The bottom line is, we cannot WAIT to create with you. 

Because, life is meant to be felt, lived, loved & enjoyed.

Sometimes that "creating process" is a whole lot easier with the support of a nurturing community. 

Join us today and get your freedom to play on.

Head to HeArt through Art is here to revitalize your inner creativity and connection with nature so that you can live with freedom, play and purpose.

Be Your Natural Self.

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