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Your 30-Minute
Creative Reset Session

Connecting with our sensory experience is key to liberating our creativity. Before you click play, here are some recommendations for having the best experience possible:

1) Create an uninterrupted space for yourself where you can sink into your experience. Write down any mental notes or "to do" list items on a note pad so that you can fully focus. Or, consider having a note pad beside you so that you can "download" thoughts. Then, let your mind go and enjoy this guided experience.

2) Gather a few different colors of pens, markers, or pencils (these can even be sharpies or gel pens), and a few sheets of paper. If you'd like to go "all out," grab your favorite paints, some wash water, a rag, and canvas. Or, if you only have a pen or pencil available, that will work just fine too. 

3) Cozy Up: Consider lighting and temperature. Grab a cozy blanket, turn on your favorite lamp and consider making a favorite beverage to have near you. Also, you may want to put on an oil diffuser for some added pleasure.

4) Take a breath, click play, and enjoy!

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